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Our database has over 1 million websites offers fully automated backlink posting based on AI. We provide free link insurance for one year, 24/7 support, and weekly reports. It's probably the coolest service out there. Works in 5 clicks.

What we do?

We are Backlink Building Service.

You can buy backlinks here.

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How does it work?

Register and enter the address of your website.

Add page URL

Provide a link for building backlinks.

You are all set.

Yep, it's that easy! Our system, which is based on artificial intelligence, will handle everything for you automatically.

How much does it cost?


Pack #1

6 backlinks


Pack #2

12 backlinks


Pack #3

24 backlinks


Pack #4

48 backlinks


Pack #5

100 backlinks


Pack #6

150 backlinks

What will I get?


You will receive a weekly report on the work we have done so far. We aim to keep you informed so that you can have control over everything.


We'll help you get quality backlinks from other websites. This will increase your site's ranking in the eyes of search engines and bring in more visitors.

24/7 Support

We tried to make our service as simple as possible. But if you have any questions, please contact our wonderful support team. Our specialists speak in plain language and do not use technical terms.


Advertising costs typically consume 15 to 30% of a company's profits. By investing in SEO, you can attract visitors at a much lower cost in the long run.

Link Insurance

We place backlinks with a one-year guarantee. If a link disappears for any reason, we will replace it with another one for free.


Using our service saves you a lot of time. We'll be gradually adding backlinks to your site. This will help your page grow in a way that looks natural to search engines. We have made SEO simple.

Who are we?

We're a US-based company located in sunny California. Our main focus is promoting websites on search networks. Our team has an average of 12 years of experience in this field, so you can trust we know what we're doing!

One of our standout features is the use of artificial intelligence to handle the most labor-intensive part of selecting links for your websites. This allows us to efficiently promote thousands of projects at once, all while keeping costs low by not having to hire additional employees.

And yes! We use our service to promote our service.

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